Umphrey's McGee

Umphrey's McGee is an American jam band band originally from South Bend, Indiana. Although the band is part of the jam band scene, like Phish and the Grateful Dead, they are much more influenced musically by progressive rock artists such as King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and early Genesis, as well as heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Guns N' Roses. The band also identifies The Police, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin as primary influences. UM experiments with many genres including rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues, electronic, bluegrass, and folk. On April 7, 2015, they released their ninth studio album, The London Session, an album recorded in one day at Abbey Road Studios.

Umphrey's McGee consists of Brendan Bayliss (guitar and vocals), Joel Cummins (keyboards and vocals), Ryan Stasik (bass guitar), Andy Farag (percussion), Jake Cinninger (guitar and vocals), and Kris Myers (drums and vocals).

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